Fractions - Basics (1st part)



Coloring the part of the rectangle

How to color the part of the whole, if this part is given as a fraction?
What does the numerator tell us? What about denominator?
What are proper and what improper fractions?
Find the answers in the applet below.
Read the instructions under the applet...

Made by Antonija Horvatek with the GeoGebra program

In the upper applet click the numerator slider and then push arrow → on the keyboard, and look what happens.
Then make numerator to be equal 1, and change the value of the denominator. Look what happens now!
Change the values of both sliders...
Use check boxes for more explanations and adjustments. Then use sliders again...


Cake with strawberries

Let's munch on the hard work… :-)

Made by Antonija Horvatek with the GeoGebra program

Use the sliders and the check boxes...


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