Mixed Numbers - Basics



The meaning of the mixed number

In the applet below you can see how to color the part of the parallelogram if this part is given as mixed number.
Click the check boxes in order and look what happens.
When sliders appear, change them and look what happens again.

Made by Antonija Horvatek with the GeoGebra program


Expressing the colored part by using the mixed numbers

Check if you understood correctly. Read the instructions below this applet.

Made by Antonija Horvatek with the GeoGebra program

Express the colored part of the circle by using the mixed numbers. Check your answer by clicking the "colored" check box.
Then click the "Refresh" sign in the right-upper angle of the applet to repeat exercise.


If applets don't work correctly, try to use another web browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer...) or change some properties in the web browser you use. Also, you can try upgrade your web browser.


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