Geometric Drawings and Constructions

Videos without Words


Croatian version 


Here you can find videos that show geometric drawings and constructions on paper or in GeoGebra.

Thanks to Rex Boggs, Rockhampton Grammar School, Australia ( for help with the English translation.








>  Parallel Lines

>  Perpendicular Lines

>  Angles

>  Dividing Line Segment




Explanations of the terms "drawing", "construction" and "sketch":


When we draw (in geometry) then we are allowed to use a range of geometric tools such as a triangle, straightedge, ruler, compass and a protractor.




When we construct, we are only allowed to use a compass and/or a straightedge. Measuring using a ruler or a triangle is not allowed. Transferring a distance or a length can be done with a compass.




To sketch means to draw without any geometrical equipment, using just a pencil. We can sketch when it's not important to have a precise drawing.